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We make learning FUN!


WHY BOOK Kathy Jager?

 Because our programs deliver high energy with timeless teaching tools that support a beauty professionals career!

We demonstrate the powerful effects of Engaged learning while inspiring beauty professionals to create a lifetime career by showing them what makes the defining difference to success.

We promise to:

  •  Provide cosmetologist with an overview and understanding of the full array of “soft skills” needed to continuously move up in our industry – from entry level and beyond;
  •  Reinforce the need for cosmetologist to hone the excellent technical knowledge, education and skills they’ve developed through cosmetology school while simultaneously cultivating their “soft skills;”
  • Offer key data about career choices and options in cosmetology with an emphasis on business and professional development, personal development, self-image and ongoing commitment to skill building, education and learning;
  • Bring the professional cosmetology experience to life in a vibrant and fun way that helps beauty professionals determine where they may best fit in the field;
  •  Help cosmetologist assess their career objectives, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, so as to move forward with confidence, and claim their place in the industry;
  •  Motivate and enlighten beauty professionals about career options through sharing of real-world experiences and stories that provides a sense of excitement and endless possibilities.
  • We deliver inspiration, education and the Soft Skills needed to help shape a promising future in cosmetology!




                      Our Services:
     Keynote and Event Speaking
                  Student Classes
                  Teacher Classes and Workshop
                  Independent/ Booth renter Classes


 Thank you for your interest in our inspirational, educational, and timeless educational events. We know how important it is to keep your energy high and the passion alive to sustain a lifetime career in cosmetology.

Our classes and workshops are guaranteed to take you on a journey of self discovery and nurture your quest for success by creating a open mind to unleash your potential in the wonderful world of beauty. We help build better beauty professionals by providing you with the necessary Soft Skills that go beyond beauty school education.

We believe that to be a cosmetologist today you need to understand the value of personal development and how it changes your perception of your career. Learning how soft skills affect the way you do business in the beauty industry can raise the  enthusiasm for your clients and teach you life lessons that add passion to your daily work.

If your looking to inspire, motivate, and educate your student, teacher, yourself or your company, Kathy Jager is your girl.

Her ability to keep the audience excited about their career and help them to see how to change the way they view their position as a beauty professional with her fun loving vibe, is all you need for an exciting day of education.

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Contact Us when you are ready…  708-259-3030 

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